Best of the mehallo blog (+ giveaway)

I’ve decided to start the new year off with a break.

So  . . .  here’s (my) 45 favorite posts of 2009! Should be enough to keep you reading till I post again (which will be in about two weeks).

As a thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog, sending me emails, even clicking ‘like’ on the Facebook page – in general, supporting my antics online – I’d like to show my appreciation. I’ve decided it’s time for a good old fashioned Jeanne Moderno font giveaway!

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. To comment, just click the ‘comment’ link below (and please fill out all the fields).

I will randomly select five winners from the comments. Each winner will receive a complete, licensed set of Jeanne Moderno fonts: All 9 OpenType fonts, $99 USD value. This is them here.

Contest ends 11 p.m. (pacific time) Saturday, January 16, 2010.

And now, here’s the best of the mehallo blog 2009  . . .

[1]    ‘as simple as possible, but not simpler’ –einstein

[2]    a bit about creativity

[3] what does your city sound like?

[4]    lights and type of reno

[5]    julien breton: light calligraphy

[6]    liquid glee!

[7]    tschichold: distinguisted typographer

[8]    dürer’s rhino

[9]    wood type

[10]    parkinson’s sutro fonts

[11]    the cbs gastrotypographicalassemblage

[12]    eating out

[13]    a joe’s primer

[14]    eggs and sausage with a side of type . . .

[15]    late night chocolate

[16]    jamie oliver: great chef, beautiful magazine

[17]    children of the corn

[18]    scribbling the corn field!

[19]    the road map to success!

[20]    san francisco: the drive

[21]    just thinking

[22]    information design: life, death, taxes and spam

[23]    the us has been nuked

[24]    disgust this

[25]    ‘ruin porn’ – the cliché of abandoned detroit

[26]    war commentary

[27]    what it really takes to build a global community

[28]    good is obvious

[29]    paperbag parachute

[30]    star trek-n-me

[31]    the abc movie

[32]    a drive in break

[33]    big 40 poster

[34]    in defense of myspace: good music, art and real shit

[35]    ‘vulgarize !!! buy !!! + porn + ! or die !’ -chymer

[36]    dan herrera: estan de una herencia extraña

[37]    good grade: d++

[38]    jack marchment: electroacoustic audioprose

[39]    *meiko

[40]    really simple

[41]    blackbird

[42]    the notebooks of audrey kawasaki

[43]    annie is deranged

[44]    sew cool

[45]    hurr

If 45 isn’t enough, please select from the archive at right. At current count, there’s over 500 blurgs to pour thru, with more on the way.

133 Responses to “Best of the mehallo blog (+ giveaway)”

  1. number nine looks pretty awesome despite being backward. top 10!

  2. I hope I win!
    Thanks for a great blog. Happy new year!

  3. I’ve really enjoyed your blog, plus, I’ve learned quite a bit from it! My inner nerd did squee over the Star Trek one. ;)

  4. Wow, I have a lot of reading to do!

  5. Hi, just got to know your blog via @jophillips/typography twitter list.

    The giveaway fonts look great. Would be great to win those!

    Anyway, on to read the blog.

    Happy new year man!

  6. pick me pick me pick me!

    Happy New Year!

  7. Can’t pass up an opportunity for free fonts!

    Now on to some of those posts I missed last year…

  8. It’s hard to not watch and like things when you seem to be a wizard at finding so much fantastic stuff. Can’t wait to see what you come up with this year.

  9. well, here is my shameless attempt to win fonts and perpetuate the glory that is rino-esque

  10. I enjoy your online antics. I also like giveaways.

  11. This font you are giving away is a very nice one and I would like to have it. I’ve never had any other font than what has come with the software. As your student, I hope to make you proud.

  12. I LOOOVE Jeanne Moderno!!! It’s one of my favs!! :D

  13. How can I ignore free fonts? I’m almost tempted to post seriously obscene words and phrases to make my post noticeable, but my name is on here and I should probably avoid being ousted in the art community while I’m still so young and awesome.


  14. There is a kinetic type video that I love that isn’t posted on your top 45… I will see if I can find it in your blog again.

  15. Ohhh dear me, I knew 09 was a bad year, but looking at your recap reminded me just how bad it was.

  16. What’s not to love about random? :-)

  17. I’m gonna keep trying until I get these fonts!

  18. BACON!!! (will that help me win?)

  19. Its all about the typeface. That’s the first step after the idea!

  20. I love fonts. Fontsie Fonts Fonts. Here is goes down…down into my belly, hm hmm hmmm.

    If you want…. I can trade you fonts for Karate lessons.

  21. “All guys should wear a dress at some point.”

  22. My favorite is 28, I want it.

  23. #5 a should b #1! im now going to learn the language just so i can do this.

  24. kern-licious.

  25. Mehallo! So since I have to comment, I figure I might as well share a story with you as well. I went up to Washington over the break, and while there, we helped my great grandmother move out of her house into a nursing home. Because she was the last person to reside there, we had to gut her house and salvage all of the antiques that we could find. Lucky me, I found a typesetters drawer! (What she haad it for, i’m not sure). I don’t know how hard they are to find, but I am pretty excited that I could rescue it from being pawned off somewhere. Peace!

  26. The blog is coming along so great Steve! I love it!

  27. really loved the the entire blog but my favorite article was the one about the experimental project “wood type”. really great job!

    p.s.: we all love your blog for many reasons, one of them being the great content. and that’s true, your work is truly inspiring but is also true that we lost the habitude to show our appreciation, to give feedback, to comment … we open Reader, we read the last articles, we share them with our friends, we post them on facebook or twitter, so finally we all really appreciate them but sometimes we forget to say it directly, here on your blog. keep on posting

  28. Very nice links and texts. Greetings from Brazil =)

  29. Fonts rock! I am a graphic designer and have a fond appreciation for fonts.

  30. Happy New Year!

    gimme gimme

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