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Karlie, LIFE

Karlie Kloss by Gabriele Revere, LIFE Magazine, 2011.

Found via fuckyeahmagazinecover

Famous designers on food

‘This collection of stories, instructions, memories and scrumptious ‘must try’ recipes makes a fascinating, entertaining, and revealing read’

Available this month from Baseline, What’s cooking? Famous designers on food.

In Helfer & Baker’s Shadow

‘It didn’t last long; true-blue Shadow fans (and, apparently, the owners of The Shadow trademark) didn’t care for Helfer and Baker’s smart-ass approach, especially when they killed the character off and resurrected him as a killer cyborg. It’s not surprising that happened to also be their final issue.’ –Robot 6

The Shadow (1987-89) was my favorite comic book series.

It was a sequel to a Howard Chaykin-penned 1986 update to the classic radio program, pulp novel character The Shadow, ‘What evil lurks in the hearts of men  . . .  The Shadow knows!’

Chaykin had brought the character into the 1980s, with uzis instead of .45s, ‘for mature readers’ emblazoned on the cover. And unlike the rest of his crew (Margo Lane and others had aged), Shadow alter-ego Lamont Cranston was still a rather youngish, dapper guy – ready to take on the New York of the Miami Vice era.

A monthly series followed – and after a few artist changes, writer Andy Helfer and artist Kyle Baker made it something else entirely.

Helfer and Baker’s take on The Shadow became a crazy whirlwind tour of Sopranos-like mobsters, wickedly dark humor, extreme violence, unexpected plot twists and in issue 13, they killed off the main character. Then his sons lost his body and with every successive chapter, one could not predict what would happen next. [Read more →]

Russian status symbol: The Book of Olga

‘Billionaire Sergei Rodionov shows off nude fantasy wife to world  . . .  if it succeeds, perhaps other Russian oligarchs will follow suit and such books could become the hot new status symbol.’

The concept of what is a ‘material possession’ and a ‘trophy wife’ has taken a new direction with Taschen-imprinted The Book of Olga, which showcases Rodionov wife ‘Olga’ in over a hundred erotic photos shot by French photographer Bettina Rheims.

I think when Paris Hilton became famous for being  . . .  well, whatever it is she is, that was just the tip.

Rest of the iceberg is showing. More here.

Found via Sexy Hot Beauty

Neo2, Peregrin

Neo2 cover. Photography by Paco Peregrin.

Plus, every issue of Neo2 comes with a free font. Details here.

Blog here.

Ein Hungerkünstler

‘the letters and punctuation marks were carved into lino plates and digitized to portray the bipolar nature of the protagonist by using lettering with a harsh edge.’

Juergen Schlotter’s interpretation of Kafka’s Ein Hungerkünstler (A Starving Artist). Details here.

Found via Communication Arts


‘On the 4th we celebrate what it means to be American: Consuming more than we need to and making things explode.’ –Andy Borowitz

Pictured, Alvin Lustig’s 1946 cover design for Franz Kafka’s Amerika.

Image found via Scott Lindberg

Chandler in Oz

‘inspiring homes with heart’

Magazines are great sources for inspiration. Not as permanent as a logo – or brand – periodicals have a timer on them. After a few months, they’re gone.

A good newsstand is a treasure trove of the experimental, conservative, international, concise, good, bad, ugly. I drop by whatever I can find – even the Barney Noble chain if one is not nearby – just for a shot in the arm.

Earlier this year I spotted Chandler 42 being used in an Australian interiors pub. Alexendria-based Inside Out is using my typewriter type as a nice accent throughout their pages.

Here’s a few snaps (taken in my new home office – sleepy dog in background).

Super Grotesk in Hell

Svend Smital’s Super Grotesk used on the cover of Brendan I. Koerner’s Now The Hell Will Start: One Soldier’s Flight from the Greatest Manhunt of World War II.

Found via The Book Cover Archive

Twelve Fingers

Jo Soares’ Twelve Fingers: Biography of an Anarchist. Cover designed by Evan Gaffney (with Futura doing the type honors).

Found via The Book Cover Archive


‘The ‘ella’ on Barbarella was probably suggested by Feiffer’s Passionella, a brilliant satire on the Cinderella theme and much of American culture.’

In 1966, French scifi comic Barbarella was published in a the US in a translated edition.

Minimal color, racy stories. Robot sex.

The original, a serialized comic strip, was created in 1962 by Jean-Claude Forest for V magazine. [Read more →]

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