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Erik Spiekermann’s ‘Typefaces give us signals’

Typefaces give us signals from erik spiekermann on Vimeo

The typomaniac music video! Written by Mike Croft, featuring Erik Spiekermann; produced by Alphabeat and Parson Research.

Eric Spiekermann’s ‘Porcelain on Paper’

Porcelain on Paper from erik spiekermann on Vimeo

A presentation video of the identity and catalog designed by Spiekermann Partners for Herig Berlin, manufacturers of fine porcelain.

Erik Spiekermann: typomaniac

Designer Erik Spiekermann on what it’s like to be a typomaniac

Extra footage from Gary Hustwit’s Helvetica film. I still use Spiekermann’s Stop Stealing Sheep as the introductory text in my beginning typography courses.

Jamie Oliver: Great chef, beautiful magazine

‘Jamie Oliver made it possible for me to cook a decent meal in under an hour.’
– mehallo

My wife got me hooked on Jamie Oliver when he was known as The Naked Chef. Which was one of the dumbest monikers ever created for marketing purposes. He wasn’t naked, and to this day I’m still not sure why he was called that. His recipes are quick, easy and often come out looking like the photos.

Today he’s been quietly building a food empire over in the UK – akin to what Martha Stewart has done, without all the nasty stuff that is her extended personality (I seem to have the habit of running into people who’ve met and/or worked with her and, wow, the stories I’ve heard). (And I will say I do miss her paint line at K-Mart. Great palettes.) [Read more →]


Funky Lunch designs sandwiches. And you can too!

Found via Because It’s Nice

Tasty pickle

I never liked pickles. But these I like.

Bubbies Kosher Dills are jarred from a homemade recipe, with a salty brine. No weird stuff. They even have a recipe at their site for a simple pickle soup.

Soda: No calories, no aspartame, no sucralose

Stevia has been around a long time. I’ve had it growing in the garden, it grows like mint. A little bitter, but a really sweet edible leaf. And: no calories, an excellent alternative sweetner. I found out about it around 10 years ago. It’s cheap to grow, a natural product and a frightening concept for chemical-based sweetner companies.

And as of December 2008, the FDA has finally, provisionally approved a version of it for public consumption (with a trick in there to help Big Business, click on the provisionally link). It’s been a wait, but with choices of chemicals such as Aspartame or Sucralose – as a soda junky that’s avoiding HFCS and sugar – I’ve been waiting a long time. [Read more →]

scribbling the corn field!

from the netherlands
Driver on cocaine + police + high speed chase + corn field = art!

Found via The Daily Mail

Children of the corn

Image via Earthfirst

Does High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) have to be in everything? Not just sodas, but meat products, bread, soups – corn flakes, ketchup, pickles (pickles?? wtf?), applesauce, ice cream, salad dressings  . . .

Even Kentucky Fried Chicken has a honey flavored sauce (pictured). Because just plain honey didn’t quite work. It really needed some tinkering.

Here’s some details about what we eat in the United States. And (update!) even more detail here. Powerful lobby them corn people are. Make Soylent Green seem so trite.

Image via Soloflex

View from the Netherlands: I want a hamburger

Only in America

Student piece by Utrecht-based iFreaky.

Anthony Bourdain on the crap we eat

From Entertainment Weekly, August 14, 2009

Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations Blog.

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