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‘Make Da Cards’

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Just scribbles

Canned wonders

A few picks from Tracy O’Connor’s Museum of Snack Foods. More here.


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By the way, this is our parrot, Cluck Cluck.

She named herself. We’ve had her for ten years at this point. She sings, dances and if I have a client on the phone, makes tons of LOUD, goofy noises.


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The Panic Mark

‘Exclamation points are great for things that are exciting and fun, but I’ve always felt they fell a little short when I wanted to express real anger, frustration, or panic.’

Jessica Hische’s proposal for a slight addition to the English Language. Read here.

¡Egads! set in Jeanne Moderno Ultra Italic

Jenson’s Italic

‘Arrighi was here’ button by George Abrams

Any current drawing of the type work of Nicholas Jenson (1420-80) that includes an Italic is doing a little fudging. Since (like Trajan and lowercase), Italic wasn’t quite around yet when Jenson was making type.

Typically the work of Ludovico Arrighi (1475–1527) is adapted as the companion font to Jenson – as the Italic.

Monotype did this with its Jenson-influenced Centaur – and Adobe Jenson sports an Arrighi-influenced italic. [Read more →]



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Stu Phillips: Knight Rider Theme

My 15 minutes, part two

This week there’s a feature article on me in the American River College Current. It’s about my typographic activities, teaching and stuff like that.

Huge thanks to Kelsey (and Terran, Bobbie and Don) for following me around, sneaking into my classes and sleeping on my porch. The article is posted online here.

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