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Killer crawdads

‘Mudbugs’ aren’t just available in Louisiana.

In the Sacramento Delta – amidst a maze of scenic draw bridges and rural roads – is Isleton Joe’s.

And a large bowl of Joe’s spicy crayfish – which grow huge locally – leaves quite a mess.

Photos by mehallo

Low-calorie sweet tea


Been making my own Sweet Tea. Traditional Southern style sweet tea, but without sugar.

Here’s my recipe  . . . [


‘Basanti is a gourmet tea brand in Mexico, targeted for premium audience.’

Packaging (and custom typeface) designed by Menosunocerouno.

Of course, I love the black. Beautiful creation.

Found via TheDieline

Bubbly Basil

‘An inspired herbal elixer’

Package design by Jen Herr. Love the ‘Basil’ type treatment.

Beautiful Hangover

Video for Big Bang’s Beautiful Hangover.

Found via Alice Woodruff

Jonah and the Whale vodka

‘A whimsical and childlike look for a premium Vodka’

Bottle design by Talia Cohen.

Found via TheDieline

That a pickle in your vodka?

‘Horseradish vodka – Natsionalnaya Traditsiya – is distilled and bottled in Russian Saransk (Mordovspirt)’

I just think of it as another way to get pickled.

Found via Popsop

Pickled Helvetica

Waitrose pickled products.

Package design by Pearlfisher.

Rick Field’s Phat Aromatic Pickled Beets

‘Rick’s Picks artisinal pickles – all natural, award winning, hand-packed pickles’

From NYC. Snag a bottle here.

And – here’s the recipe (with video).

Photo found via Sodium Girl

Eat your dirt and enjoy it

Food trend alert: Edible ‘dirt’ has made its way on to menus – added to dishes to give them an ‘earthy’ feel. Article here.

Photos of Justin Bogle’s spring salad with mushroom ‘dirt’ found via Star Chefs

Lost in translation

Found via Meiko

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