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Healthy junk

‘Healthy snacks packaged to look like drugs and junk food’

The work of designer Daizi Zheng.

More images here.

Found via Dezeen

Coca-Cola irony: Sugar cane bottle

‘You know what else sugar cane is really good for? Making soda. Look into it, Coke.’ –The Consumerist

Coca-Cola’s new ‘PlantBottle™’ is hitting the streets. The bottle is made partially from cane sugar.

So now the container contains cane sugar. It’d also be nice if they got the real sugar back in The Real Thing too.

Article here. My HFCS bitching is here.

Pretty Trashy preview items now for sale

Recently, I featured a preview of the new collection I’m working on with Pretty Trashy. A few of these one of a kind pieces are now for sale thru the Bows and Arrows store at Etsy.

Click on the images for product info/jump.

Unhappy in the Modern World

‘Still recovering from broken trust, neither wanted to be the first to try the eggs.’
(Dwell, November 2009)

Over at Tumblr, a blog with dark captions for photos from Dwell magazine.

More here. Twitter here.

‘In search of a less bleak playground, the toddler pedaled faster.’
(Dwell, June 2004)

‘Lying on his back, watching the passing clouds, he worried over the Nathaniel Hawthorne lookalike’s role in this grim threesome.’
(Dwell, November 2009)

‘He is sad because his house looks like an elementary school. And all the children have died.’
(Dwell, February 2008)

Found via Twitter.com/exspiro

Italian Roast

Advertising typography for Italian Roast Coffee; crayon on paper

The work of London-based designer Mitsuhiro Aita.

Visit his website. Much more to see.

Italian Roast Coffee: Shadow and texture experiments

Italian Roast Coffee: 100 sheets of burnt white paper

Bean vs. Leaf

Coffee or tea? Click the image to vote/jump.

Found via Twitter.com/ashetler

Coffee in Italy

‘If you don’t want to be taken for a tourist in Italy, you should drink coffee as and when the locals do.’

Article here.

Tea submarine

Found via Designer Daily

Slow food

‘Tracing the slow-food movement back to its feisty Italian roots’

Article here.

More about slow food here.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, with Beck

Video for Charlotte Gainsbourg’s Heaven Can Wait, featuring Beck. Directed by Keith Schofield.

Charlotte Gainsbourg’s new album IRM dropped this week, find it here. Official website here. Blog here.

Below, live performance of Trick Pony on Letterman from last week:

Her work for Balenciaga and Vogue Paris.

Greasy spoon

I like a good greasy spoon.

A few weeks back I went in search of a good old school diner joint. Haven’t found many good local ones, often food plated up is basic food service quality. Found a small gem though: I ended up at at the Lodge Coffee Shop in Citrus Heights.

Open since 1958, the Lodge is a mix of interesting interior styles. Some original mid-century ski lodge touches (A-frame building), some googie (a little bit), some 1970s ‘harvest-theme’ updates, a splash of 1990s country – and a fish tank where all the fish are named ‘Dave.’ To avoid confusion.

What hooked me was an authentic Chicken Fried Steak with a really good sausage/bulldog gravy. Not a deep-fried burger, but a breaded cube steak, grilled to order. Like it’s supposed to be done. The owner works the kitchen.

Had a few quiet breakfusts there recently. Ate and organized ideas/projects in my sketchbook. Nice start to my day.

Lodge opens at 6 a.m. [map]

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