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‘Knuckle Sandwich’

‘the story of the rise and fall of Black Horse Disco, a youth club set up in the centre of a large working-class estate in North London’

Knuckle Sandwich. Cover photographed by Red Saunders, a.k.a MC Redman. Powered by Gill Kayo. Details.

The Clash: What’s My Name

Found via The Pelican Blog

‘Any Day Now’

Percy Sledge. Powered by Gill Kayo.

Percy Sledge: Any Day Now

Found via Buro Destruct

‘Make-up für den Tod’

Kriminal-Serie Kommissar X No. 1281. Powered by Gill Kayo.

Found via mickey the pixel

‘Die Geistergang’

Kriminal-Serie Kommissar X No. 1168. Powered by Gill Kayo.

Found via mickey the pixel

Gill Normandie

Logo I created for Normandie, adapted from Gill Kayo.

Follow Gill Kayo on Twitter here.

Gill on stage

‘The Swiss firm boldly embraced the face’s strong character, making it the singular voice of the Schauspielhaus, a theatre in Zürich’

The work of Raffinerie – theatre branding using the oft-maligned Gill Kayo typeface.

Detailed article by Stephen Coles here.

Gill tee

The work of Australia-based design firm Toko.

Website here, store here. (Unfortunately, the gill ultra bold. tee is sold out)


Dynascript is the latest font from the great Michael Doret.

Details here, buy it here.

Christmas Merry

These vintage Santas are just a tad older than me.

Them, with their cartoony script lettering, would grace the table every year – with or without the requisite salt, pepper, for which they were created. Made in Japan.

Below, track from the ultimate 1960s Christmas album.

Ray Conniff: Twelve Days of Christmas

FontShop’s best, 2011

FontShop has compiled their annual best fonts list. See em all here.

Helvetica glasses

Reading glass case with outlined Helvetica. Genuine 1970s soft plastic.

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