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Defining terms: Design is not decoration

I’ve said this in the critiques in my design classes:

‘Are you a designer or a decorator?’

The distinction is a designer is a problem solver. In graphic design, a designer is a problem solving communicator. Graphic design is a communication field and the nuance in definition is what can separate novice from professional. [Read more →]

Design as art

‘Paola Antonelli is on a mission to introduce – and explain – design to the world. With her shows at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, she celebrates design’s presence in every part of life.’

David Carson in Berlin

‘I think David Carson is at a loss for what rules to break, as he has now done away with them all’ -yves

‘David Carson is the David Byrne of design.’ -leandro

‘bullshit. all bullshit’ -pablo

Still pissing people off, still provoking.

Here’s a summation of David Carson’s talk at TYPOBerlin 2010.

HST quote

Nothing could ever top the Hunter S. Thompson talk I attended back in 1990.

Drove miles to see THE Gonzo journalist himself; HST showed up on stage, bottle of whiskey in hand, drunk. Hit on the woman presenting him. Mumbled a bit, started yelling at the audience, they yelled back. Went on for a few minutes. Then he left.

Tickets were 18 dollars.

Phillipe Starck on design, part two

‘In his prime piece of Wallpaper* real estate Philippe Starck gave the platform to ‘others who deserve to be heard.’ Scientists, physicists, cosmologists and the odd artist and activist rock star – Starck challenged them on the meaning of life. We couldn’t let him get away that easily though and so travelled to the south of France to quiz him on his own views about life and design.’

From 2009.

Found via Wallpaper*

Phillipe Starck on design, part one

From 2007. Here’s a capsule overview of Starck’s work.

Gill Sans in French

Gill Sans video by Matthieu Dufour and Carl Soper.

(France also had French Futura.)

Jeanne Moderno in Basel

‘I was at a department store here in Basel and this in-store magazine caught my eye. The focus is Barcelona and all the headings are set in what must be Jeanne Moderno!’ -Nina

Nina Stössinger not only snagged me a copy of Globus Savoir Vivre‘s Barcelona issue; she also popped it in the mail. It just arrived a couple days ago.

It’s always great to see my fonts in use. Especially when the designer uses my funky accents.

First two photos by Nina Stössinger, the rest by mehallo

Jeanne Moderno invades Twitter HQ

‘I tried to make small details count by making them meaningful, fun, playful, full of color, yet useful and sustainable  . . .  With artwork, we involved Twitter employees and local artists, 3 Fish Studios.’ -Sara

A Jeanne Moderno t graces the Cafe area at Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco.

Am I honored? Of course. Twitter has become one of my favorite screwy things to do.

Interiors designed by Sara Morishige. Fonts were sourced via the supercool Bryan Mason at Typekit.

More details here. Additional photos here.

That be a Jeanne t, at right

Sasha makes type

The work of Sasha Prood.

Found via Trendhunter

C.S. Neal

The work of Chris Silas Neal. New website here.

Found via Jessica Hische

Psyche font

Another one: Experimental typeface by SJSU design student joanne kwok.

More here. Blog here.

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