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Grand Budapest graphic design


‘i can’t stop making gifs’

Ramin Nasibov knows graphic design. This week, he made these gifs.

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‘The good designer asked why, discovered why the client was making their request and turned it around. Sometimes the client has no real reason and the suggestion disappears into the ether. Sometimes they’re just masks for an effect or emotion they are going for but can’t articulate.’

Essay over at Retinart on why ‘why?’ is so important in designer/client relationships. Read it here.

‘An arch never sleeps’

The work of Simon Bailey.

Found via Jean François Porchez

‘Who are modern Russian designers?’

Modern graphic design has roots in Russian Suprematism and Constructivism. Here’s a trailer for a film by Sergey Shanovich that looks at what’s been happening since.

Facebook page here.

Found via Motioncollector

Roman Cieślewicz, graphic designer

‘Cieślewicz always compared himself to a journalist; but he referred to himself as a visual journalist. So Graphic designer, as a profession, is very close to that of journalism; except that it is about articulating clear ideas through the justaposition of imagery and layout – it’s a question of wanting to say something.’ –Professor Andrezej Klimowski, Royal College of Art

Above, a BBC overview of the work of Roman Cieślewicz (1930–96), which was part of a retrospective this summer at the Royal College of Art in London.

Click image to view video/jump.

Found via BBC News

Mouse movements

‘My mouse cursor path over the course of a week’

Designer Gavin Potenza keeps track of his mouse.

Image borrowed from his blog; read more here.

25 things you should know about other people

Former student Alice Woodruff posted this list on my Facebook page.

It was written by writer and model Sovereign Syre, co-founder of Darling House. Syre’s ‘Things you should know’ was originally published on blogcritics.org back in 2009.

It’s good thoughts and will probably offend some. Turning off one’s ego long enough to connect with others is often difficult. I have to enact #25 before week’s end. A good, unexpected apology for something I didn’t expect to occur will make someone else’s day. Fingers crossed.

[1]    Most people hide their suffering better than you think, you pass dozens of people a day on the street without any idea how well they’re wearing their tragedies.

[2]    People’s names are the sweetest sounds they hear. You should make a point of being good at learning and using them.

[3]    People love to spread their misery around, but not as much as they enjoy being lifted out of it.

[4]    Being young is not in and of itself an achievement. Neither is being beautiful. But people often treat you as if they are.

[5]    For a lot of people, music is a reflection of who they are and their relationship to life. Remember that before insulting someone’s favorite band.

[6]    The Golden Age never existed. People are always trying to get back to a time when things were simpler and better. The world was a far more dangerous place fifty years ago, especially if you were black or a woman or gay or diagnosed with cancer. [Read more →]

‘Plantes sauvages des villes’

‘Émilie Vast’s third Herbarium is dedicated to plants that find the strength to creep into our urban space, into the joints of gutters and pavements, in the wall’s cracks, at the bottom of the trees, the park’s grass, on the roofs  . . .  just like their cousins from the woods, they have a history, uses and mythology.’

Cool find. This ‘wild plants in the city’ edition also features my Jeanne Moderno fonts.

Found via Iconoclastic and le lièvre de mars

Stubing, Warhol

From 1985.

Found via tout ceci est magnifique

‘I can’t stand you’

‘I just like the typography, honest.’ -wkd

Found via whatkatiedoes

SF Bay Area, the illustrated guide

Click to view larger.

Found via hiphopoposterous

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