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Retro Shine

M-za: That Retro Shine mixtape

Image found via KENMAT

Kolb’s Space Oddity

‘The tale of doomed Major Tom plays out in Kolb’s bright and retro animation style, giving a face to the legendary Bowie character and making the conclusion that much sadder’

Illustrated just for fun. The work of Andrew Kolb.

David Bowie: Space Oddity

Found via ComicsAlliance and Badass Digest

Chewbacca the Bear!

More posters from my room.

In early 1977, Marine World Africa USA was giving away these Coca-Cola promo posters. Their elephants were used in the first Star Wars movie as the banthas – and I ended up with some free wall hangings.

Knew nothing about the movie and I knew nothing about droids, the old guy with the Jesus circles around his head or why something was called a ‘SEE-THREEPIO.’ Also thought Chewbacca the Bear seemed a bit odd.

A few months later, went to the drive in and saw Star Wars. The previous year, saw Logan’s Run at the drive in. Star Wars was something much different.

‘They’re so small they’re evading our terrible lizards’

In 1977, this poster hung on my bedroom closet door – and was eventually eaten up by use of that same door.

It came as an extra large ‘freebie’ in the Star Wars soundtrack, which I bought thinking it was this album. It wasn’t. It was the symphonic score; for me, an introduction to classical music. What I learned from the free poster – as a young impressionable creative – is abstraction, when done right, looks great.

It was painted by artist John Berkey – who used quick brush strokes that up close were a gloopy mess, but at a distance create energy and implied motion.

Berkey’s work influences me to this day.

And for my iTunes-loaded tracks of the Star Wars radio program, I’m using some of his art as my ‘album covers,’ below.

As for Star Wars’ ‘terrible lizards,’ these are them.

Poster found via KlaatuCarpenter

‘Hanging Loose’

Illustration by the great Bob Peak. From 1972.

Found via Martin Klasch

Third Mind, ManiaMania

‘The range moniker pays homage to The Third Mind, a 1978 book and concept by William Burroughs and Brian Gysin, which showcased the ‘cut ups’ technique originating from the Surrealists – a form also adapted to film making by Kenneth Anger and Maya Deren. In this mode, unrelated texts and images where literally cut up and rearranged to form radical narratives and vistas.’

Abbey Lee Kershaw, shot by Elle Muliarchyk for ManiaMania. Info here.

Found via Fashionising


The posters art of the Jason Malmberg.

New portfolio website here.


‘a one-man band, singing and using a variety of homemade musical instruments’

Video for That 1 Guy’s Buttmachine.

That 1 Guy is playing tonite at Harlow’s in Sacramento – tomorrow San Francisco, then Visalia, Las Vegas and points beyond. Website here, interview here.

Found via Elliot Prestwich

Stop Being Perfect

Video for The LK’s Stop Being Perfect.


‘play loud’

Unflinching, beyond disturbing. The work of Douglas Burgdorff.

Audio interview here. More videos here.


‘My graduation film at La Cambre, Bruxelles 2011.’

Julien Regnard’s JUMP.

Found via Zach Moreno

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