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Typeface bedding

‘Slim lengths of twill tape are printed with text and stitched to the edges’

Typeface sheet set. Available thru Anthropologie.

Manuscript clothing

‘My paper weaving technique — a process of interlacing objects with memories — attempts to redefine the commonplace book structure with chapters emerging from seams. The garments reveal new beginnings, life lessons and notable achievements. Memories evoke garments; garments evoke memories.’

The work of paper artist, graphic designer Julie VonDerVellen.

Website here, Twitter here.


‘Inventive costume project – created for Anne Boleyn.’

Found via Alice Smalley

The Imperfections: Type as clothing

‘The concept I’m trying to portray is: Nothing can cover the flaws we have, and the flaws, the flesh we were born with is who we truly are. They are even more truthful to what we are trying to make ourselves; this is why some of the area of the dress are not meant to be covered up. The dress barely covers the whole body. It is meant to be see-through to display the body in its whole and that since we all are imperfect is an important concept.’

The work of Hui-Ni Su.

Found via ‘Adrian Frutiger’

Alphabuild: Building alphabets

‘For our first release, Alphabuild for iOS, we wanted to pay tribute to the process of building letters (which is the other fun work we do here at our studio). We wish building letters for our clients was as zany and colorful as it is in Alphabuild. On the other hand, we’re glad we don’t have aliens, glue bottles and sawblades trying to mess up our letter drawings.’

Featuring types from the great Psy/Ops library (including my own Jeanne Moderno) as well as a few tikis (see below) – James Beall’s Alphabuild is a fun, quirky educational alphabet game for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Snag it in the App store. Website here, Twitter here. And free goodies here.

Happy alphabuilding!

Chicks & Types

Simone Massoni’s Chicks & Types calendar, still available here.

Candied W

‘W Korea is celebrating seven wonderful years by creating a splendid set of collectible covers, starring seven of the industry’s lovely ones’

Photographer Jang Hyun Hong, Louis Vuitton, W Korea, March 2012.

Behind the scenes here.

Found via Eyegasmic

Pantone eggs

The work of Jessica Jones.

Found via CMYBacon

Gaga Dance

Lady Gaga performing Just Dance from last year’s HBO special.

Caught the rerun this week.

Coco plastique

Coco Rocha and plastic, photographed by Craig McDean for W Magazine, October 2006.

Found via Trendnista

Aleksey, Marina

The work of photographer Aleksey Kozlov and designer Marina Khiebnikova.

Found via No Ones Nemesis

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