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Coffee mugs, on sale

Zazzle’s been running daily specials – and today all my mugs are 50% off.

This includes the one pictured above (in its travel option); as well as my best-selling Font Me Typography mug, below.

Input code HOLIDAYSALE4 at checkout. Plus, free shipping on orders over $50. Visit my store here. Zazzle has a new special every day for the holidays, some limitations apply (of course).

‘Love Boot’

‘Exciting, Neue, Romance! Adventure!’

‘Love Boot’ prints, cards and postcards.

Vintage, repeating playbill poster design featuring type and boot dingbat from my Jeanne Moderno fonts.

And  . . .  Save $10 on your order of $35 or more at my store. Restrictions apply, go here for details/to get the discount.

(The prints come out really nice too)

Niedermann Grotesk: My new, old font

Niedermann Grotesk is my newest font and it’s been sitting in the hopper for awhile.

It became a side project that appeared while I’d been working on my update to Jeanne Moderno (which is Jeanne Texte, which has been in a little limbo due to other projects) (I plan on getting back to it next month).

Along the way I fell in love with types that were part of the German Sachplakat (object poster) style pioneered by the great Lucian Bernhard – a lot of which can be seen (as backgrounds) in their original zeitgeist settings in the 1927 Ruttmann film I posted on Sunday.

Plakat lettering was drawn as needed, typically painted. For my adaptation, I went back to brush – and included a handful of alternative characters, ligatures, plus a few dingbats.

Grab your copy here.

And  . . .  Save 31%! Niedermann Grotesk is on sale right now at MyFonts. Sale ends September 22, 2011.

Big A

Jeanne Moderno A. Baby doll tee. Customizable. Available here.

Chandler in Oz

‘inspiring homes with heart’

Magazines are great sources for inspiration. Not as permanent as a logo – or brand – periodicals have a timer on them. After a few months, they’re gone.

A good newsstand is a treasure trove of the experimental, conservative, international, concise, good, bad, ugly. I drop by whatever I can find – even the Barney Noble chain if one is not nearby – just for a shot in the arm.

Earlier this year I spotted Chandler 42 being used in an Australian interiors pub. Alexendria-based Inside Out is using my typewriter type as a nice accent throughout their pages.

Here’s a few snaps (taken in my new home office – sleepy dog in background).

Butter typography 6

Set in my own Escoffier Capitaux font. Get it here.

mehallo fonts on sale

‘Another inspiration was the film MAX (2002), written and directed by one of Emigre magazine’s founders, Menno Meyjes  . . .  I decided Jeanne would be a fictional typeface that was released in 1918, the timeframe from the movie.’

Ascender is running a little sale on some of my fonts. 25% off until March 5, 2011. Offer only available thru Ascender’s website. For details, go here.

(and watch the trailer for MAX here)



Sacramento Metropolis, detail

The Greater Sacramento Metropolis by mehallo. Graphite on marker pen paper, 2002. Prints available here.

Alta Helvetica mug

Helvetica on a mug, set in my Alta California font.

Dark brown text, vintage baked enamel-like styling. Great for sweet tea, moonshine, or hell, even prison-grade pruno.

Snag it here.

On now! Save on mehallo stuff for Veterans Day

$2 off t-shirts, $4 off mugs. Input code: VTRNSDAYSALE.

Visit my store at Zazzle here – or just click the images.

More Zazzle Veterans Day Sale info here. (other stuff on sale too, not just my stuff)

Sale ends Thursday November 11, 2010 at 11:59 pm (PST).

The Escoffier font giveaway, enter to win!

I think it’s time for a good old fashioned font giveaway.

Escoffier Capitaux is my tribute to culinary legend Auguste Escoffier – and is based on the 1920s lettering (done while in France) of commercial illustrator/fashion designer Ernst Dryden. The font also has some Herb Lubalin-like ligatures and a bit of Garamond thrown in.

Very French.

to enter
All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. To comment, just click the ‘comment’ link below (and please fill out all the fields).

I will randomly select one winner from the comments. The winner will receive a complete, licensed copy of my Escoffier Capitaux font, OpenType format, $19.23 USD value. For more about the font, go here.

(Just for the record, 1923 was the year my dad was born)

Contest ends 11 p.m. (pacific time) Wednesday, November 10, 2010.

A winner has been randomly picked: Derek Walker won a licensed copy of Escoffier Capitaux! Thanks to everyone who played along, and I loved the comments.

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