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Coffee, cream

The work of Sophie Griotto.

Found via Arlene Time

Coffee, spilled

The work of Jerry Seguin.

Found via Ashley Simko

Coffee, book

December’s books are gonna be:

Simon Garfield’s Mauve – followed up/balanced out with Darrell Hammond’s autobiography God, If You’re Not Up There, I’m Fucked.

Photo found via Strange Little Girls

Typography, iced

Final project from my beginning typography course at American River College: Futura Condensed Extra Bold, crafted as iced chocolate cake by student Lilie Matyuk.

Food-based type is always a tricky undertaking, but luckily we had Teresa Urkofsky teaching next door – in the culinary classroom. Teresa had recipes and techniques ready to advise.

Typography, baked

‘So there you have it, a home baked poster’

The typographic work of Anna Garforth. More here.

Dee’s Legendary Stop-Motion Biscuit Cake

‘In an effort to win Cully & Sully’s Cheffactor, a cooking competition in Ireland, Alan Travers created the Stop-Motion Biscuit Cake video of his girlfriend Dee’s legendary chocolate biscuit cake’

Found via Laughing Squid

Salt and pepper

“Heroin’ has 3 holes for pepper. ‘Cocaine’ has one hole for salt.’

The work of David Shrigley. Shakers available here, website here.

Found via Me And My Big Mouth

Food in Jars

I love canning stuff. And it’s getting to be the time of year to cram some stuff into bottles.

Pictured, logo design by Roger Estes for Marisa McClellan’s Food in Jars blog.

‘Your Meat Team’

An image from long ago. The reality is much different today.

Graphic found via Laura Serra

A color-coded Ralphs

‘And so was born the ‘shop-at-a-glance’ concept’

An ill-fated design experiment from 1965: Ralphs remodeled with departmentalized, color-coded graphic icons. Article here.

I use a lot of color coding in my own work – but with the assumption that the end user will need other organizational tools to find their way around. ‘Shop-at-a-glance’ never quite caught on; tho I’d love to see what data Ralphs collected as part of their process.

Found via Pleasant Family Shopping

Supermarket finds

‘Great design. Straight from designers.’

Here’s some picks from the Supermarket this year.

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