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Rooster sauce bitters

Sriracha Bitters by Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters. For your next cocktail.

Website (with recipes) here. Also available, rhubarb, Meyer lemon and black mission fig.

Found via A Thirsty Spirit

Chicken with Olives

This is delicious.

Tho I substitute red bells for the green peppers and splash with vodka. Plus, if I have em, I throw in some Greek giant beans (from can or jar), capers and finish with a slight drizzle of honey.

Recipe here.

Sainsbury’s Anchovies

Sainbury’s Fillets of Anchovies. Illustration by Sue Brown.


According to Sue, this particular jar was used in this incredible recipe.

Turkey Balls

‘Ball size may very’

Video for Meiko’s latest, Stuck on You.

Recipe here.

French Dip

Cole’s – photographed by Heather John. Foodinista post here.

French Dip showdown here. Bunch-o-recipes here.

Coffee, perfect

Plaid Creative’s Citizen’s Guide to coffee.

Found via That’s Nerdalicious!

Dee’s Legendary Stop-Motion Biscuit Cake

‘In an effort to win Cully & Sully’s Cheffactor, a cooking competition in Ireland, Alan Travers created the Stop-Motion Biscuit Cake video of his girlfriend Dee’s legendary chocolate biscuit cake’

Found via Laughing Squid

Arby’s, sign and BBQ sauce

South San Francisco Arby’s, photographed 1991

I have a soft spot for Arby’s.

The food isn’t great. But when I was a kid, there wasn’t an Arby’s nearby – so heading to the South City location, which showcased a super cool flashing chuckwagon-themed neon sign, was always a special trip.

It was years before I even tasted what REAL sliced roast beef was – who knew it wouldn’t have a salty, lunchmeat-like boiled flavor?

Back then, Arby’s house BBQ sauce was sold in take home bottles; which today I’ve replaced with a knockoff recipe. The trick to a good sauce is a long, slow simmer and the right non-HFCS ketchup. Trader Joe’s Organic makes a great base. [Read more →]

Californio Cuisine: Beef Jerky Soup

‘Mark Preston discovered early California recipes while cataloging rare books for the UCLA library’

I picked up Mark Preston’s California Mission Cookery at one of the missions lining El Camino Real, somewhere between Santa Clara and San Luis Obispo. Or Santa Barbara. One of them.

The cookbook is all about Californio Cuisine, a long lost Spanish-influenced cooking style using local ingredients. The food of the original missions.

I’ve made the Beef Jerky soup a few times. [Read more →]

Italian beef stew

Hattie Carter’s Great Cooking Ideas is this phone book sized thing that came from a garage sale.

Published in 1978 – on really cheap newsprint (just like real phone books) – this thing is quite a gem. Nothing I’ve ever made from its pages has ever let me down.

Cuisines covered are surprisingly global (for the time) – curries and sukiyaki mixed in with a homespun collection of casseroles and bakes. Not a design masterpiece tho; cute clip art-like illustrations punctuate large Helvetica type – with heds set in Souvenir, odd floral borders abound.

The Italian Beef Stew is a fantastic mix of flavors. Here’s the recipe. [Read more →]


‘Jimmy Lee is one of America’s great black chefs. A native of Louisiana, he has cooked from Natchez to Mobile, Charleston to New Orleans. Now semiretired, Jimmy Lee lives in California and cooks only for family and friends.’

Jimmy Lee’s Soul Food Cook Book. From 1970. Old paperback found at a garage sale. Dogeared, cause I’ve cooked a lot of stuff outta it.

Cheap ingredients, incredible flavors. Here’s a bucketful of recipes  . . . .  [Read more →]

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