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I used to use ‘The Kroy Machine’ for the Monday Morning Blues.

The Blues was a college zine. I was editor and designer. We had no Macintosh, only an old Apple II with a basic word processing program hooked up to an inky typewriter-like dot matrix printer. Most articles were typed on an actual typewriter because that was sometimes easier.

The Kroy was a lot like a large Dymo labeller. And it was a BITCH to work with, the kerning sucked (the dial on the bottom was for kerning/tracking, but you couldn’t easily see what you were doing), the letters jumped around a lot – the gum on the labels was very sticky/not repositionable. But you could make little headlines on transparent tape – and it was a huge step up from rub off lettering.

Learned to hate the Souvenir and Stymie fonts while using that thing. Cooper, LOTS of Cooper Black!

Here’s more info about this particular machine, via our design studio uses only the finest state of the art technology.

The art of Calligraffiti

The work of Niels Shoe Meulman, via Some Type of Wonderful

This comes up a lot in my type classes. Urban lettering – graffiti – is often practiced by students in my typography courses. The work is typically great, however, where things tend to fall apart is when I’m teaching traditional form, such as script or italic.

As one student put it, “in this class I learned not to be gangsta  . . . . ” [Read more →]

TheSTART at the Troubador

Video from TheSTART concert January 16, 2009 at The Troubadour. There’s a dork in the audience (off to the left) who’s wearing my glasses.

Video shot by jnerebel, available via Vimeo.

Introducing: Jeanne Moderno, 9 new modernist fonts

get modern[o]
This is what I’ve been up to for the past year. Instead of plopping down in front of the tee vee, I decided to do something a bit more productive. [Read more →]

Illustration Play

Picked up this book while in El Lay.

More images from the book can be seen at the Victonary site.

History of the Internet

History of the Internet from PICOL on Vimeo

Plus, check out The National Science Foundation’s official Birth of the Internet page.

I keep meaning to add a short web history component to my graphic design history class – and found some great classroom-friendly sound bytes in NSF’s collection.

Also found this fun little history of Twitter ditty.

The Oval Office: IKEA makeover

Found via Apartment Therapy

IKEA sets up a mock Oval Office in Union Station – bringing a touch of low cost Sweden to the White House. (or to make a Carter reference: Looks like IKEA is bringing ‘Billy’ back to the White House.)

Bob Wilkins R.I.P.

“Our second film is Monster From the Ocean Floor. This movie is so bad that it was delivered to Channel 2 in a brown paper bag. When we’re through showing it tonight, it will be part of a garage sale in Alameda tomorrow.”

Bob Wilkins was this incredible host of a late night horror television show back in the 1970s. And he really hated horror movies, which made the show all the more sublime. [Read more →]

mehallo at Pecha Kucha Night 6, Sacramento

I will be one of the presenters at Sacramento Pecha Kucha Night 6 [Read more →]

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