‘Enhance that image!’

I really wish this technology existed. Would make blowing things up in Photoshop so friggin easy.

‘Can you clean that up?’
‘Not if there’s nothing there – it’s just a bunch of colored boxes. That’s all pixels are.’

Jack Bauer pulls out gun, kills dude at computer. Chloe solves problem.

24 returns tonight, btw.

There are some enhancement solutions, but not on the fictional scale that tee vee shows use.

Video found via kottke.org

5 Responses to “‘Enhance that image!’”

  1. ha! this would make my life so much easier! I see it’s been haunting TV since at least McGiver!

  2. I like it in the movie Deja Vu, where they use facial recognition software to find a handbag in a surveillance video…

    Also, it’s interesting to me how in movies, image software is made of pure magic, but then IRC is something super complex that only hackers and the police know how to use.

    I’m not a cop, so I guess this makes me a terrorist by Hollywood standards.

  3. That’s a great tribute to something has always driven me crazy! But they missed one of the first (and best) impossible digital enhancing scenes : Harrison Ford as Decker in Bladerunner enhancing a 2D image in 3D. Classic.

  4. Love this clip!

  5. Annnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddd
    Tonight on 24, Jack actually did use this technology to identify a cab. Yeah!

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