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‘Blame It On Me’

Video for Blame It On Me. Another track by Dead Cool Dropouts.


‘She is adamant that she will continue to photograph until she is blind from age’

The work of 18-year-old, London-based photographer Charlotte Bibby.

Website here. Flickr sets here.

Found via the first issue of the magazine formerly called ‘Carson’

Etching, sketching

The Etch-a-Sketch work of Stéphane Lallemand.

More here.

Found via Olivier Lelong

‘We Got Time’

‘everything you see is exactly what rolled off the camera’

Video for Moray McLaren’s We Got Time, created entirely in camera by London-based animator David Wilson. More info – plus making of – here.

Found via Maria Popova


Video for Gang Gang Dance’s MindKilla. Directed by Shoji Goto.

Gang Gang Dance: MindKilla (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)

Gang Gang Dance: MindKilla (Lee “Scratch” Perry Remix)

Natalia Kills trio

Natalia Kills videos. Website here.


Natalia Vodianova photographed by Craig McDean for W Magazine. More here.


The photography of Alexander Straulino.

Found via Paula Loves It All

Just Tonight

On Monday, Pretty Reckless lead Taylor Momsen turned 18. Which means the debauchery that’s become part of her musical repertoire may just go beyond the sexwithpriestslapdancepornstuff she’s already been doing.

Above, video for Pretty Reckless’ Just Tonight. Making of here.

Red Color Field

‘Red Color Field inspired by Elsworth Kelly’

The photography of Eva Mueller.

Neo2, Peregrin

Neo2 cover. Photography by Paco Peregrin.

Plus, every issue of Neo2 comes with a free font. Details here.

Blog here.

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