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Typography Dude

‘The Dude can draw.’

Handlettering by Jeff Bridges for the cover of Esquire UK.

Behind the scenes here.

And check out more typographic wonders (some posted below) by Bridges at his own website.

Found via Stüf Stuff


The Big Lebowski: The Fucking Short Version. Two fucking minutes, fifteen seconds.

Found via Robert F Boord

RIP Kodachrome

Kodachrome (1935-2010) died this week.

Below (in black and white) the ‘Leopolds,’ who invented Kodachrome, the world’s first (viable) color film. Article here.


Interpretation of Simon & Garfunkel’s Punky’s Dilemma. Animated by Scott Kellum.

Predictions 2011

Web design, social media, news, politics, gaming, music  . . .

Mashable’s many predictions for 2011  . . .  here.

Illustration by JESS3

Natasha’s books

Book covers featuring the art of Natasha Newton. Design by Ferran Lopez.

More here.

Belfast bike

Bad weather’s hit hard this year; the cold keeps barreling on thru.

In Northern Ireland, winter turned the island into a snowy doppelganger for Pompeii. In the US, we’ve been watching BBC coverage of Belfast’s major freeze. Followed by a water shortage.

Photograph by Crazy Colours, taken December 17, 2010.

Beeb footage found via Martha Garcia


‘In a huge space of 15m in width, fine feathers are blown up by the wind’

The work of Tokujin Yoshioka.

Found via Design Scene

Coke and the polar bears

‘Today there are approximately 22,000 polar bears left in the world’

With the help of some polar bears (above), Coca-Cola sold a bunch of soda in the 1990s. Today with WWF, they’ve set up a fund to help save the population that’s left.

More info can be found at the Coca-Cola Polar Bear Support Fund website.

Neolithic Coke

3 – 5,000 year old vase, Coca-Cola logo. The work of Ai Weiwei.

Article here.

Found via Daily Serving

Cocaine Kate

Lina Tesch in Chanel top (feat. Kate Moss), photographed by Oliver Meyer.

Found via Lookbook

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