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Things to do in NYC

Invisible chair

Tokujin Yoshioka created a collection of polycarbonate ‘invisible’ furniture for Kartell. More here.

Found via Fubiz

Italic Room

‘The Italic Room’ is an installation created by student Linna Xu – shown at the Bauhaus University in Weimar.


The typographic work of Ben Crick.

Found via bumbumbum

Future fashion

‘Futuristic fashion of the 1960s from designers like Pierre Cardin, André Courrèges, Paco Rabanne. Most of the scenes are from the German TV-Show Paris Aktuell’

Music by Mort Garson.

Non-traditional fonts

The work of Handmadefont.

Found via The Whiteboard

Shall we dance?

Novelle Vague’s Dance With Me. From the album Bande A Part.

3D future

‘Photographer Jacques Dequeker goes futuristic for his latest 3-D spread featuring Carol Ribeiro.’

More here.

New York USA 1964

Serge Gainsbourg, Charlotte’s father.

Found via Trisha Rhomberg

Flying thru the future!

Found via GIF Anime

The Monsanto future

House of the Future part 1 of 2

Back in 1957, chemical company Monsanto gave the world a modular ‘tease’ of the future as part of Disneyland’s original Tomorrowland – a plastic house with plastic dreams.

House of the Future part 2 of 2

monsanto today
These days, Monsanto is doing something else to change the world of tomorrow; it involves soybeans, genetics, lawyers and massive control of our farming industry. Not too happy about it. There is some hope tho. Consumers do vote with their wallets.

This weekend, I saw Robert Kenner’s Food, Inc. It has some of the gory details about how our food is produced these days. Watch it here. Website (and blog and all kinds of stuff) here.

It’s been almost a decade since I read Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation. Things haven’t gotten better.

The House of the Future was demolished in 1967. In first attempts, the wrecking ball simply bounced off its plastic surface.

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