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Tasty, tasty flesh

‘gruesome and delicious’

A hand made from meat. With onions, cheese and ketchup. Served on a bed of mashed potato. Details and step-by-step recipe here.

Found via Twitter.com/Typegirl

Big Bantjes spider on my desk!

A few years back the incredible Marian Bantjes sent me this wonderful Hallowe’en poster. Earlier the same year, I had put her work in an exhibition.

Marian’s post on heraldry is one of my favs. And check out her 10th Anniversary cover for GQ Italia, ’10 designers, 10 covers  . . .  10 years of men, stories, adventures and style.’

Happy Hallowe’en!


Stephen Von Worley maps McDonalds locations in the US. Looking at the Dakotas, there’s not as many as one would think. Details here.

Symbiosis: E-Coli font

‘the font changes shape and colors as it breeds and dies’

Jelte van Abbema’s award-winning bacteria font, Symbiosis. Details here.

Found via Twitter.com/rogerioabreu


Klaatu Barada Nikto: The photographic work of Corey Holms. Prints available thru Blanka.


The work of nocturnalMoTH.

Found via Drawn

Food fotos

The food photography of Ron Busselen.

Oak Café: un álbum de Don Reid

For a few years now, Don Reid’s been photographing the food at The Oak Café. The photos are published annually in The American River Review, the award-winning literary magazine at American River College. I was one of the faculty advisors for the 2008 edition, the first to profile the school’s culinary department.

Here’s his photoset.

Free caps font, it’s Blasphemy!

Just in time for Halloween!

Blasphemy Initials from Delve Fonts is GREAT for titles, drop caps, frightening timid people, crucifictions, things like that. The thorny letters are carefully proportioned and based on classical form.

To snag your own, simply GO HERE and do what you’re told.

SNL: Vincent Price’s holiday specials

Thanksgiving, 1958

Halloween, 1959

Here’s another.

All of em feature Trajan! (Trajan – ?)

Oak Café, Vincent Price and moi

Oak Café interior, art by Craig Smith

One of the reasons I teach at American River College is The Oak Café. Staffed and run by culinary students, the Oak Café is one of the hardest tables to get in Sacramento – with four star ratings [twice from The Sacramento Bee] and mucho local critical acclaim, they don’t skimp on anything. It’s a foodie’s dream tucked away in a corner of a Community College.

Type treatment, set using my Escoffier Capitaux font

A while back, Café instructor Teresa Urkofsky borrowed my copy of Mary and Vincent Price’s A Treasury of Great Recipes (1965). Known for his horror films, Vincent Price (1911-93) was also one of the pioneers of the gourmet movement. He used his celebrity to promote high class eating worldwide. And this over-the-top cookbook – which features funky recipes from the best restaurants in the world (at the time) – is a testament to his love of good food. [Read more →]

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