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Font Me coffee mug

‘Historical font measurements, classifications, decimal conversions, proofreader marks  . . .  plus, beverage holder!’

Type specs, all on one mug. Snag your’s here.

Coffee Zine

‘a little zine all about coffee’

Hand screen printed. Order it here.

Twinkie ingredients

Wheat flower, folic acid

‘A popular rule of thumb among proponents of healthy food is that the fewer ingredients there are in something, better it is for you. With a remarkable 37 or so ingredients, many of which are polysyllabic chemical compounds, Twinkies would seem to embody the antithesis of that rule.’

Photography by Dwight Eschliman. Details about his ’37 or so Ingredients’ project (and book) here.

Plus, check out Steve Ettlinger’s Twinkie Deconstructed.

I like how the beef fat is now labeled ‘animal shortening.’

Riboflavin, iron

Corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup

Vegetable shortening, animal shortening

Monoglyceride, diglyceride

Caffeinated Bacon lollipops

My wife got me these. Made with 100% Vermont maple syrup.

Bacon mints (and type) in Alameda

Picked these up at Space Happy in Alameda. They also have a GREAT collection of typographic tsotchkes, cut letters, wood letters, metal letters; cool stuff.

Mo’s Bacon Chocolate

‘You won’t believe how good this tastes!’

On sale right now at Cost Plus, Vosges Bacon Chocolate Bars. Yum!

Found via Jessica Deprez

Cheerios, the ‘terribly adult cereal’

Early 1960s Cheerios commercial featuring the great Stan Freberg.

Bacon color wheel

Graphic designer Neil Caldwell has invented multicolored bacon.

And it apparently retains its color after cooking, but isn’t on the market yet.

Article here.

Found via Jeanne Mehallo

Perfect for a Darby: Mad Moroccan Lamb

Here’s the recipe for Jamie Oliver’s Mad Moroccan Lamb, as prepped by Lauren Soutiere of East Village Kitchen.

(If you’re a herbivore, you might want to stay away from my blog today. Tomorrow will be much safer.)

(Probably want to stay away yesterday too.)

Darby: The pot that changed the world

‘John Challen, manager of Blists Hill Victorian Town, explained why Abraham Darby I’s iron cooking pot changed the world’

Click to play/jump.

For more about the Darby Pot’s major contribution to the Industrial Revolution, check out the first episode of GoD. For more about Abraham Darby I, go here.

Recipe for my type pasta salad

Serving suggestion

A few weeks back I got together with a bunch of cool font designers for a Typnic (type picnic) in Golden Gate Park. Of course, I had to bring my type pasta salad.

The recipe is inspired by both Jamie Oliver and Tom Colicchio – in that I’m borrowing a few of their ideas. Alphabet pasta can be found (in California) in the Mexican section of the supermarket, or there’s online sources.

For the recipe, I’m just going to list what I start with (sometimes I make it overly complex if I have a lot of ingredients on hand); simply add whatever you want, have fun with it  . . . .  [Read more →]

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