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Summer Studio 2011

‘What I did on my summer vacation’

Last week, I spent four full days with a handful of some really cool teens.

I found myself saying, ‘Yes, I’ll do it. What is it?’ to teaching a week-long Summer Studio workshop at Ai Sacramento.

I called the whole thing ‘Designer Mashup’ – and set about having my students mix contemporary designers with historical luminaries.

Design history, research, handmade collages, form studies and handing work off to other students (to reinterpret) were part of the process.

Pictured, some of the final pieces.

Designers studied included Paula Scher, Georges Braque, Josef Albers, El Lisstizky, Rick Griffin, Jessica Hische, Raoul Hausmann, Marian Bantjes, Hannah Höch, Alvin Lustig, Shepard Fairey and David Carson.

George Charles, I Madonnari

My cousin – former Disney Animation engineer George Charles Polchin – has taken up painting. Pictured, his most recent work from the Santa Barbara 2011 I Madonnari festival.

Train of Thought

‘A short film in paper by Leo Bridle & Ben Thomas’

More info here.

Train of Olivetti

Found via Deep Glamour

Vintage styled mice

Baron Aaron’s wireless computer mice made from reclaimed parts. Each with two vintage typewriter keys. Snag em here.

Found via Boing Boing

Wearable mouse

Like Spider-Man. Or Minority Report. But different.

Found via ZedoMax

Felt mouse

‘Joey Roth’s design strays from the conventional hard plastic body seen in most computer mice produced today, replacing the ABS plastic with felt, teak and aluminum’

Details here.

The original mouse

The original, above. Here’s a short history of the computer mouse.

Wooden mouse

Found via TheCHIVE


The retro work of Alex Varanese. Poll here.

Technologies of the past

School children in Quebec are asked to guess what these odd, old technologies may be.

Found via Alice Savoie

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