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Cantaloop, 1993

US3‘s take on Herbie Hancock’s Cantaloop Island.

Herbie Hancock: Cantaloop Island

Dave Brubeck on Jazz Casual, 1964

Part one

‘The Dave Brubeck Quartet join syndicated Jazz columnist Ralph J Gleason on ‘Jazz Casual’; a half hour live music and discussion show.’ [Read more →]

The Subject is Jazz: Cool, 1958

Part one

Another one from 1958. Subject is ‘Cool.’

Part two

The Subject is Jazz: Doc Severinsen, 1958

Former Tonight Show bandleader in a tribute to Dizzy Gillespie.

The Subject is Jazz: Swing, 1958

Part one

‘Swing from The Subject is Jazz. This episode of the 13 part 1958 program features an all-star group, along with producer John Hammond.’

Part two

Blue Note: A Story of Modern Jazz

Highlights from a documentary on Blue Note Records.

Reid Miles, animated

‘Hi-Fi is a promotional music video for last year’s concert season at the Bellavista Social Pub, one of the best bars in Siena, Tuscany, according to Where’s Cool.’

Hi-Fi video, directed by Bante. More details at The Font Feed.

Found via LookingAroun.D

Reid Miles, jazzy

‘Every now then, as you stumble through design history, you trip over and fall on your ass.’

Alex Charchar takes a look at the incredible work of Reid Miles. Article here.

(and psst: click on the album covers for MP3 purchasing options.)

Joe Henderson: Jinrikisha

Dusty Brown: New, free ep

Dusty Brown has a new ep, This City is Killing Me. You can snag it free here.

Album artwork by Scott Hansen/ISO50.


‘Dekbay means Youth in the Bay Area in Thai. And the website is a Thai events and news provider; they also bring Thai bands to the bay.’

Posters designed by former student Ai Buenafe.

Check out her visual blog here.

That’s the study of maps

‘We hairy. We mope. We doodle for spare change.’

Four of seven covers for Belgium-based Weekend Knack. By Khuan Cavemen Co.

Photostream here.

Found via MonsieurBandit

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