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‘The Aim of Design is to Define Space’

The aim of design is to define space is a concept I was talking about earlier today in my graphic design history class, tied in with Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘rectilinear approach to spatial organization.’ [Meggs’, 2006, p. 221]

The Aim of Design is to Define Space is also a German progressive pop band. MySpace page here.


’twas the shirt that lured me in. Shirts (and hoodies) here.


‘Vulgarize !!! Buy !!! + Porn + ! Or Die !’ -Chymer

MySpace can get very obnoxious and loud rather fast. And if you’re into it, all the better. If you’re not, go read a government pamphlet or something.

Jérémie Burguiere is Chymer. And his MySpace page was the first one that SCREAMED at me with animated gifs flashing and flashing and flashing. In your face, take no prisoners. Here’s his MySpace presence. His site is here.

And what’s been cool, over the past few years it’s been fun seeing his work evolve into something very sophisticated. He’s one to watch. Portfolio here.

And, as a bonus  . . .

Here’s some ‘dirty disco’ from Japan. It’s a remix of many things I grew up with (I do remember disco when disco was disco – got some old 12″s in the garage to prove it). DJ Munoz, a.k.a. The Disco Infiltrator, maintains the London Calling MySpace page here. Website here.

MySpace isn’t quiet nor clean. Deal.

‘erla maría’s space of egomasturbation’


This is MySpace at its best. Pure ego explosion!

Erla María Árnadóttir is an illustrator/multimedia animator working out of Iceland. She’s in your face, really funny and   . . .   very animated.

This is her page. She even has a band. And the energy never stops.


Well   . . .  

If that’s too much jumpiness, you can find her real site here.

Creation by Erla María Árnadóttir
via erlamaria.com

‘My friend recently had a baby and she was kind enough to fill me in on all the details.’ -Erla

In defense of MySpace: good music, art and real shit

‘The function of music is to release us from the tyranny of conscious thought.’ -Sir Thomas Beecham

My current taste in music comes from too much exposure to MySpace. Music keeps me designing. Keeps me focused. Keeps me in The Zone.

My music picks bounce around a lot. They’re personal. The one constant: I won’t sync with a new band until I’ve been to their MySpace page and test driven.

Unfortunately, I keep seeing remarks/writings/commentary that MySpace is in its 15th minute. Which is such the 21st Century Thing To Do, isn’t it? [Read more →]

National Banned Books Week

Bebel Platz’s Berlin memorial to Nazi book burning; even the font used in the memorial used to piss off the Nazis

This week is The American Library Association’s Banned Books Week. Here’s a link to the 11 Most Ironically Banned Books of All Time. Go read something that might change your view of the world. Something you shouldn’t be allowed to read. [Read more →]


Typembrya by Oded Ezer on Vimeo

Typembrya is a personal homage to Herb Lubalin’s famous Mother & Child logo (seen below). This is the third experimental project in the ‘Biotypography’ series by Israel-based designer Oded Ezer. For more info, please visit his site here.

Liquid logo

From Tokyo: Click on the image to watch video/jump.

Found via Twitter.com/rockstaronline

Liquid glee!

No. 1235

David Peterson is a local watercolor artist. You can often find him hanging out at the Sacramento Fine Art Center.

I love the looseness, energy, layering and colors; David has the guts to just let it all fly! You’ll even see a Sharpie in there.

This is his site.

No. 579, Katrina (all proceeds went to Katrina Relief)

No. 1528, Easter in Locke

No. 546, Milk Farm

No. 845, Crazy Tacos

‘Went to San Francisco Saturday and painted the obvious’

‘Jay Street Sunday Morning’

Painted jazz

The work of Paris-based Françoise Nelly, one of the first artists I found on MySpace.

Great write up in Cool Hunter here. Official site here (Check out the video under biography).

Typophile Film Festival 5

Typophile Film Festival 5 Opening Titles from Brent Barson on Vimeo

‘The Typophile Film Fest 5 is a one hour selection of typographic films hailing from all over the world including Argentina, The Netherlands, Russia and the United States. The films vary in subject matter and style; creating a dynamic presentation of motion design, typographic animation, short stories, documentaries and interviews.’

More info here.

Eggs and sausage with a side of type  . . .

Tom Waits’ Eggs and Sausage animated by Jackie Lay on Vimeo

Found via Drawn

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