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Taste and graphic design

I’ve been drawing my ‘taste’ chart on a white board for about six or seven years now.

Taste in graphic design is a concept I’ve been aware of for a long time – but as I looked out at what other designers were doing, taste wasn’t always a part of it. I kept seeing graphic designers who were stuck in one mode and not going any further.

‘I know that’ – is typically the term that shuts down most creativity. I’ve heard it from a lot of professionals in my field.

Diversity is the key to being a graphic designer today. Understanding concepts of other design industries – fashion, interior, architecture – even music – takes one further.

So one day in a classroom, I spontaneously drew this ‘taste’ chart.

I’ve since used it with clients, students and other designers to show different ways of approaching graphic design – so we’re not all just sitting here with blinders on, our heads in the sand. [Read more →]

‘Don’t Clean Your Desk’

The work of Hanna Viktorsson.

Found via Ashley Simko

Where do good ideas come from?

‘Chance favors the connected mind’

Steven Johnson pieces it all together. Interview here. Book here.

TED talk, above. Animate by Andrew Park/CognitiveMedia, below.

Infinity elephants

‘Vi hart is the creator of fun math-based craft/drawing videos shown in time-lapse with her own narration.’

Website here.

Video doodles (above) led to the 3d-printed Apollonian gasket, below.

Found via Odedadali

‘Creativity is as important as literacy’

‘Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.’

Traditional education is set up to suck creativity out of us; discourage independent thought. Teaches us to follow many procedures, many rules.

And I see the results of this every day that I’m in a classroom. By the time students get to the college level, creativity is often simply turned off. Ken Robinson addresses this (above) – the importance of making mistakes – and more.

‘Changing Educational Paradigms’

‘This animate was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert’

Another RSA Animate. Illustrated by Andrew Park.

Found via Robynne Raye


Available at Dave Eggers’ Superhero Supply Store in Brooklyn. Which is really just a front for 826NYC.

TED Prize talk below.

Found via theclickclickpress

2-Way Wrist Radio

‘Alfred Gross said yes, and in January, 1946, the Dick Tracy cartoon was changed forever with the introduction of the iconic two-way wrist radio.’

Wrist radios today – here.


Wonder Woman by Noah Whyler.


The work of Krzysztof Domaradzki.

Gay Batman

Back in 2005, artist Mark Chamberlain raised the ire of DC Comics – with his ‘Gay Batman’ watercolor series.

Today, Mark is still making Bat art. Article here. Gallery here.

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