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Moderno baby

Nina Stoessinger does great work. Pictured, a bilingual birth announcement she designed for a friend, using my Jeanne Moderno Titling font, paired with FontFont’s Dagny Thin.

She dropped a few to me in the post. It’s always great to see how my fonts end up being used.

Congratulations to the new parents – and Laura!

Pepsi and the Font Me mug

My type mug goes well with the real Pepsi that’s back in stores this month.

Get the mug here.

Alta Cal

My font named for Northern California, warzone and great place to buy a damn good burrito.

Get the font here. Burrito here.

Chandler on Chandler

A few months back, Claudia Chandler Brocato of the Chandler Family Association contacted me about Chandler 42 – my 1994 contribution to the ‘messy typewriter’ font genre.

And they ended up giving me a really nice write up in their quarterly newsletter. Just click the above image to read/download a one page PDF.

Font Me coffee mug

‘Historical font measurements, classifications, decimal conversions, proofreader marks  . . .  plus, beverage holder!’

Type specs, all on one mug. Snag your’s here.

Pssst: Jeanne Décoratifs preview

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the PROUNS-inspired dingbats that will be part of my upcoming Jeanne Texte font package.

The basic letterforms are now in technical review at Psy/Ops and I hope to have the new fonts completed and available by end of year. Crossing fingers.

Jeanne Texte is my sequel to Jeanne Moderno, which is available thru Psy/Ops, MyFonts and Ascender. Webfonts via Typekit.

Mostly 2 letter Scrabble words

My wife is a Scrabble phenom. And one of her hush-hush strategies is the legal two letter words one can use in play.

For one of my specimens for my Chandler 42 fonts (above), she created a connected word chart listing these and a few others.

New nav features for TypeKit

Are you using TypeKit yet?

My own fonts can be found there.

And the latest: New nav features can help you find fonts faster. Jeffrey Veen demos above. Article here.

Jeanne Moderno in Basel

‘I was at a department store here in Basel and this in-store magazine caught my eye. The focus is Barcelona and all the headings are set in what must be Jeanne Moderno!’ -Nina

Nina Stössinger not only snagged me a copy of Globus Savoir Vivre‘s Barcelona issue; she also popped it in the mail. It just arrived a couple days ago.

It’s always great to see my fonts in use. Especially when the designer uses my funky accents.

First two photos by Nina Stössinger, the rest by mehallo

Jeanne Moderno invades Twitter HQ

‘I tried to make small details count by making them meaningful, fun, playful, full of color, yet useful and sustainable  . . .  With artwork, we involved Twitter employees and local artists, 3 Fish Studios.’ -Sara

A Jeanne Moderno t graces the Cafe area at Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco.

Am I honored? Of course. Twitter has become one of my favorite screwy things to do.

Interiors designed by Sara Morishige. Fonts were sourced via the supercool Bryan Mason at Typekit.

More details here. Additional photos here.

That be a Jeanne t, at right

It was a dark night  . . .

Chandler 42 was one of my first typefaces – and one of the earliest ‘grunge’ typewriter font packages to hit the market.

It has details in it one won’t see in other autotraced typewriter adaptations. Eight fonts in the complete package. Snag your copy here.

Click on the above image to read/jump. Mood music below.

Randy Brooks And His Orchestra: Harlem Nocturne

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