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Super Mamika

‘A superhero’s eating habit is so different from that of an ordinary person’

Photographer Sacha Goldberger figured out just the trick to cheer up his 91-year-old grandmother: A cape, tights and a camera.

Hungarian-born Frederika (hero name: ‘Super Mamika’) is a hero already, during World War II she risked her life to help Jewish friends evade capture – before having to flee her homeland. As of late, had just been sitting at home feeling lonely; the photos, which got a lot of attention on the Interwebs, changed all that.

After the viral success of Super Mamika, Goldberger’s continued to use Frederika as a go-to model. More delights abound at his official website.

Found via EzineMark, My Modern Met

Soviet superheroes

‘Underneath they wrote: ‘Keeping Up with the Times.”

From June: The redecorated Monument of the Soviet Army in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria.

‘Unfortunately, the art survived for only a day – very early the next morning, the die-hard worshipers of communism’s corpse washed away the paint.’

Story here.

Eastern Block

‘A typeface designed to reflect the aesthetic qualities of Soviet Union product design and manufacture. The typeface uses a unilateral x-height, cap height and faux Cyrillic to create a blocky, angular and awkward response. To allude to the dated methods of production, I produced the entire face as printing blocks.’

Andy Barnes’ Eastern Block typeface. Website here.

Found via Arts Thread

Suprematism/Constructivism, experiments

Stefan Bürke’s Airplane Flying

Two short interpretations of the work of Suprematist Malevitch and Constructivist Lissitzky.

Jostein Finnekaasa’s Suprematism/Constructivism

Sensation, Flight

‘Suprematism, considered ‘the first systematic school of abstract painting in the modern movement,’ was developed by Kazimir Malevich in 1913 and introduced at the 1915 0-10 exhibition in St. Petersburg.’ –Alexander Boguslawski

This is my favorite Suprematist piece, Malevitch’s Sensation of Flight, c. 1914-15. Pure objects, any meaning comes from the viewer’s own interpretation.

Shifted Constructivism

Constructivism by Ukraine-based video art/vj collective, Shifted VJs. Music by Evol Intent.

Russkiy Razmer: Batman

Video for Russkiy Razmer’s Batman.

Caged vodka

‘The vodka is ‘onstage’ in a chromium-plated cage to match its cool, argentiferous look which is reflected all around it. A silver lock secures the cage.’

Package design for Zeitgeist Vodka, made in Germany. Website here.

Found via Design made in Germany

‘Trojan’ tees: Neo-Nazis punked

‘Germans at an ultra-nationalist rock concert snapped up free T-shirts bearing nationalist flags and the slogan ‘hardcore rebels,’ only to find a very different message after the shirt had been washed. ‘If your T-shirt can do it, you can do it too – we’ll help you get away from right-wing extremism,’ the 250 ‘Trojan horse’ T-shirts read after their first washing.’

The stunt was about raising awareness among ‘the young and less committed.’ Details here.

Found via newser

Mobscene, Shit

‘In an extended metaphor, Manson compares his own often-criticized music to the entartete Kunst banned by the Nazi regime’

Videos for Marilyn Manson’s Mobscene and This Is The New Shit. Made in collaboration with Gottfried Helnwein. From 2003.



Video for The Dresden Dolls’ Backstabber. From 2006.

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