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Toilet tag

‘does adding the sticker to your loo make it a work of art?’

R. Mutt sticker. A replicate of the signature on Marcel Duchamp’s ‘readymade’ Fountain (1917).

Snag one here.

Found via Switched On Art

Fire tagging

‘Allegedly ‘the idea is to paint a tag and light it quickly before it dries,’ and we’d imagine a goal is to not set oneself or one’s surroundings on fire.’

Me thinks arson carries a bigger fine than tagging. But what do I know. Details here.

Found via Ashley Simko

‘If you want to stay alive, the speed limit is 45!’

They used to put these digital roadsigns out on Madison Avenue, on the median.

They had taunting sayings about driving safety. Generic ‘don’t drive drunk’ or ‘be aware’ messages.

Saw the officers out there smiling as they typed in all the snotty safety messages. They would get really clever about it too. Rhyming, plays on words.

Frankly, I know I (personally) can’t easily drive AND be cleverly scolded at the same time.

The signs were dangerous to drivers. Almost crashed a couple times trying to see what the next ‘safety verse’ would be. Madison is a really busy thoroughfare.

The last time I saw the signs in use, a small graffiti tag said:

‘Fuck Cops.’

Never saw the signs again after that.

Pictured, a hacked roadsign from somewhere else. More at Urlesque.

The art of Calligraffiti

The work of Niels Shoe Meulman, via Some Type of Wonderful

This comes up a lot in my type classes. Urban lettering – graffiti – is often practiced by students in my typography courses. The work is typically great, however, where things tend to fall apart is when I’m teaching traditional form, such as script or italic.

As one student put it, “in this class I learned not to be gangsta  . . . . ” [Read more →]

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