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Blue Lights

Covers for Kenny Burrell’s Blue Lights. Reid Miles, design; Andy Warhol, illustration. Blue Note Records, 1958.

Just because.

‘Battle in Me’

Fan-made video for Garbage’s new single, Battle in Me.

New album – Not Your Kind of People – drops May 22 (May 15 on itunes) – and I’m really loving this beautiful g they’ve found  . . .

Found via Garbage

‘Lick My Guitar’

Cover art by Pedro Henrique Ferreira for Tokyo Savannah.

Doomsday Train

From 1970.

Boombox: Doomsday Train

Sleeve found via Klaus Hiltscher

New, old Van Halen

The original Van Halen broke up when I was a senior in high school. And yes, I am an old fan of David Lee Roth, read about it here.

And the reunion no one thought would happen happened and the album no one thought would happen was released yesterday. 28 year wait. The sound harkens back (harkens is the word) to Van Halen I and II – apparently the tracks are based on notes written back around 1975–77ish.

The sound is old – with parts feeling like an odd 1990s solo album Dave put out. Album cover design by SMOG, art directed by Jeri Heiden.

New track: Tattoo, with Dave explaining it here

You Really Got Me acoustic

And an update: Dave’s been posting new videos on Vimeo all week. Love the ‘recreational director’ discourse and this one about his dogs.

Album mixes

The work of Christian Marclay. Monograph here.

Found via This Blog Rules


Photo by Tommy Chase Lucas

It’s a new year. Let’s move on.

Grimes is Claire Boucher and her new album drops in the US February 21. Details.

Album design by Jasper Baydala with Boucher’s own illustrations. At bottom, Genesis.

Kylie Minogue’s banned Agent Provocateur commercial

‘Was only screened in cinemas following complaints from UK TV viewers’

From 2001.

Kylie is really cool. Tho was never a huge fan of her music. But I did buy this album when it came out just because of how the type was handled.

Kylie Minogue’s Body Language, 2004

Dirty Laundry

Bitter:Sweet’s music has been bouncing around commercially the past few years. Above, Dirty Laundry. Animated. With a robot. For Zune.

Below, my fav track, The Bomb (which was used for Lipstick Jungle)   . . .

Cool website here. And fun album graphics.

Bitter:Sweet: The Bomb

Blue Note today, the view from Berlin

All that Jazz: Berlin celebrates the 70th birthday of BLUE NOTE records

Blue Note: A Story of Modern Jazz

Highlights from a documentary on Blue Note Records.

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