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More Moderno wallpaper, from Austria

Arno Kathollnig/Typoatelier has been making typographic wallpapers. He had featured my Jeanne Moderno fonts as part of an earlier series. He’s back with a sequel (above). Go here.

‘Fa la la la la’ holiday photo card

Found this while browsing around: Make your own custom holiday card, featuring one of my Jeanne fonts. Card design by Emily Potts.

Order here. Pottsdesign website here.

More gifts from mehallo

My Zazzle store has prints, cards, mugs and much more. Not sure what to get, here’s some highlights from my individual collections.

Click on the images to jump to products. Visit my main store page here.


Holiday mugs to die for

Dangerous Mugs by mehallo

what’s your poison?
Celebrate the holiday season with your favorite seasonal toxin on a mug! Choose from Poinsetta, Mistletoe, Holly or the often elusive Pyracantha (which is a bit like holly). Vintage druggist labels on a nice, clean mug. Brand new, limited edition merchandise, available only thru end of December 2009.

Go here to order.

For additional mehallo merchandise, go here.

Pencil crayon jewelry

Created by Italian designer Maria Cristina Bellucci. Details.

Holiday shopping?

Up early? Ready to brave the lines and the sales? How bout staying at home and buying from Supermarket. Straight from designers.

Start here. Facebook fan page here. Blog here.

Click on the images to jump to individual products/stores.

Sweet Treats: typographical cookbook

Limited edition cookbook, eight recipes using type. By Edmonton-based Woodward Design. Ships November 30. Order your copy here.

Found via Twitter.com/exspiro

Eating out

Performa in October: Ribs, honey rain

It’s all about the atmosphere, right?

I seem to just miss attending any of the Futurist dinners that seem to be popping up here and there. And there. And there. It’s interesting that this sort of sub-edible genre is finding an audience – with interpretations that seem to actually work. [Read more →]

Something I’d learned from my father

Marker for the International Dateline from a front yard on Taveuni; via Flickr

My dad was a navigator during World War II. He knew a lot about celestial navigation, time zones and the International Dateline.

I once asked him if one traveled fast enough and could cross the International Dateline backwards – repeatedly – would they have to subtract a day each time  . . .

And as a result, would one end up traveling back in time?

He said,


Let’s eat!

Thanks for giving.

Hotto Raisu: Emergency rice!

‘By subjecting rice to 4,000 times normal atmospheric pressure, the developers were able to preserve rice for long periods in a soft form that holds moisture.’

From Japan: Rice that cooks itself. More.

Found via Twitter.com/Bridget_CooKs

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